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Merry Christmas to Me: New Blog

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So my latest resolution is to start blogging more, and as part of that I’m giving myself a new blog. I moved to Posterous a year or two ago, but I never really enjoyed the experience. Jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else, I’m giving Octopress a try. So far so good—it took me about fifteen minutes to set up. Next step is to migrate my DNS to DNSimple and get rid of Godaddy, and point everything at my heroku site for the blog.

I tried to migrate all my old posts from Posterous, but that was a great big fail whale for some reason (I keep getting 410-Gone for the http error; if you know what I’m doing wrong, drop me a line in the commnts.) I’ll have to migrate that stuff manually, I suppose—good thing I didn’t spend much time blogging in the last couple of years or I’d have a lot more work to do there.